PolyStor 8074A / 8074S (Petabyte Solution)

8U 74xSAS/SATA/SSD, up to 1036TB per Box 8,000Mb/s High Performance iSCSI/SAN/NAS
Featured Highlights
Up to 1036TB per box. With an affordable price, this is the best petabyte storage solution.
8,000Mb/s Hardware Accelerated RAID-0, 1, 5, 6, 10, 50, 60 with hot spares option.
Support for SSD, SAS and SATA drives (can be mixed).
Support for iSCSI, NFS, SMB, NAS (can be mixed).
4 to 12 x Gigabit, or mix with 10Gbit, Fibre Channel Host, Infiniband.
One to four Intel® Xeon® Multi-Core processors; up to 2TB system memory(DDR 4).
Linux-based storage server for large-capacity, high-performance I/O networks.
Private / Public cloud application for live data, archive backup and recovery.
Supports Windows, Mac and Linux Clients.
User-friendly Web interface for setting up users and access rights.
Redundant Power Supply. (3+1), KVM over IP supported.
  PolyStor 8074A is one of the highest capacity storage server in a single 8U box with individual hot swap (non-top pull type) drives, at a very affordable price. This is one of the best intelligent network storage solution for data centers, enterprise archiving, or cloud storage.
SKU: PolyStor8074A/8074S