About Us

Founded in 1995, OEM Production provides ODM products for small to medium-sized OEM customers, with a focus in contract manufacturing of Mini PCs.
Product Line
We manufacture various PCs, servers and networking products. We also offer expertise and services with the following solutions: Small Form Factor PCs; industrial PCs; embedded PCs; motherboards & chassis; appliance systems for Digital Signage; Digital Home/Entertainment/IPTV; Edge AI; loT Clients; Visual Computing; Set top Boxes; Audio Systems; Video Encoding; Casino Gameing; POS; Kiosks; PoE Surveillance systems; Medical Equipment; Network Appliances; VoIP; IP-PBX; Cloud solutions; Hybrid Client Terminals and Virtual PCs; Cloud Storage and Servers.

OEM Mini PCs Line of Products


We offer R&D services in designing motherboards, peripherals and chassis; or in customizing ODM products to meet customer specifications.

Custom OS / Firmware
Our firmware team can provide OS optimization services with custom kernels, drivers, firmware or BIOS to assist in meeting the needs of the customer.
Our US facility handles warranty & repair services and can manufacture up to 5,000 systems per month; our factory in Asia is able to handle volume production for massive projects at competitive pricing.
We also provide:
- Linux software development subcontract service
- Product development and prototype fabrication service
- Custom chassis / design & manufacturing for motherboards, add-on cards & peripherals
- Private label service from only 100+ units
Fulfillment Services
- Fulfillment, warehousing, logistics and distribution 
- System Imaging
- Content Loading
- Custom Configuration
- Device Registration
- Special Testing and QA
- Custom Packaging
- Return Service (RMA, money back return, evaluation return) 
- Refurbishment Service
- Repairs 
- On-demand service 
- Demo Loading
- Sourcing non-standard items 
- Procurement 
- Supply Chain Management 
- Resource support 
- Retail/OEM/Wholesale packaging 
- Customization, kitting 
- Serial number and MAC address administration 
- Inventory Control 
- Point of Purchase integration and configuration 
- Last mile (minute) manufacturing 
- Short lead time service
- Drop ship services
Business Model
Our business is structured for commercial and industrial transactions focus, we welcome inquires from system integrators, project coordinators, channel partners and OEM customers.

OEM production has two major business units:
1) Our OEM/ODM Service; which specializes in SMT, DIP and assembly based on customer's design and includes prototype development, mass production and warranty repair.
2) Whitebox computer production for small to mid-size resellers/system integrator/local OEM customers who wish to sell products under their own brand but do not need to design and build their own products by utilizing our existing white box solutions.

Our offices and manufactuing facilities are located in the U.S., Asia and Europe, allowing you to target the global market more efficiently.
Distribution Partners
ASI Please contact us for details on how to purchase through our distributor partners.

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