Network Security Systems

The Polywell Network Security Systems are specialized computer systems that can be deployed in modern networks alongside active network devices. They combine network gateway functionalities with other PC capabilities, making them suitable for complex configurations. They protect networks from threats, and provide essential functions like firewall protection and intrusion prevention, to ensure the security and integrity of the network infrastructure and its data.

The Polywell Network Security Systems are part of our family of versatile hardware solutions for network protection and resilience. Take advantage of these state-of-the-art systems to ensure security and safety for your essential networks.


H310L48/9th Socket 1151H310 Q3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6304 Intel\i2112-814 H2 R+2 F1 VGAMiniPCIe+PCIe 4xGPIO5.1 ALC662
HM170L4i5-6300HQHM1702 DDR4SOIntel HD 5301 RJ45+option:1 RJ4513 R2 H+2 H/R2 R+4 H1 DP/H+1 HDMI+1 VGA+1 LVDS/H1x MiniPCIe+1x PCIe 3.0x161xPS/2/H+TPM+GPIO5.1 ALC662
B8500L4/H8100L4Socket 1150 HaswellB854 DDR3Intel HD 50004 Intel\i3502-814 H2 R1 HDMI+1 DP+1 VGA1 MiniPCIe+PCIe 8xTPM5.1 ALC662
H170L8-1U6/7th Socket 1151H1702 DDR4SOIntel HD 530 Intel HD 6308 Intel/F\WGI211AT2-81option 2 R+4 H2 F+2 H1 HDMI/H+1 HDMI(Option)PCIe 8x1F-Console(RJ45)1F-Console(RJ45)
C3338L4Atom-C (BGA-1310)Denverton C30002 DDR4 128G/1ChAspeed AST24004x1Gbit Intel LAN1xM.21x2.5" SATA2 R1 HIPMI 2.0 (AST2400)1x4 3.0TPMoption
E3-1585L4Xeon® E3-1585V5C236 Express Chipset4 DDR4Iris® 6200 Pro Graphics3 x i210+1 x i219LM LANTPM, GPIO1 H2 R+1 H1 HDMI+1 VGAPCIe x167.1 ALC887
Slim-7000L4i7-7660uKaby Lake-u1 DDR4SOIntel HD 6104 Intel2-812 R+2 H2 R+2 H1 HDMIMiniPCIe+PCIe 1x1xPS/2+TPM5.1 HDMI
Q8700X2L64th Gen Socket-S LGA11504 DDR3HD 4600/50006 Intel LAN12 R+6 H4 RHDMI+DP+DVIPCIex16+PCIex4+2 PCI+MiniPCIeGPIO+TPM
B8500L4F/B8500L84th Gen. Socket-S LGA1150B85 Express4 DDR3HD 4600/50004 Intel i350 LAN12 H2 RHDMI+DP+VGAPCIe x8+2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
J1900L4J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 4 Intel12 R+2 H1 VGAH1 MiniPCIeGPIO5.1 ALC662
J1900SFPJ1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO1 DDR3L SO-DIMM7 intel/F\i211-AT+2 SFP/F13 FMiniPCIe(Opt)+PCIe 8xGPIO5.1 ALC662
Slim-3865L43865uKaby Lake-u1 DDR4SOIntel HD 6104 Intel2-812 R+2 H2 R+2 H1 HDMIMiniPCIe+PCIe 1x1xPS/2+TPM5.1 HDMI
J1900L6J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 6 Intel12 R1 VGAHMiniPCIe+PCIe 8x5.1 ALC662
Nano-J1900L4BCeleron J1900Bay Trail SOC1 DDR3LSOHD 7th Gen.4 Intel LAN12 F+2 HVGAMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
Nano-J1900L4J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 4 Intel\WG82573V12 F+2 H1 F1 VGAMiniPCIe-FGPIO5.1 ALC662
Nano-3215L4Celeron 3215UBroadwell SOC1 DDR3SOHD 7th Gen.4 Intel LAN+SIM2 F2 FHDMI2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
H8700L8-1USocket 1150 HaswellH872 DDR3SOIntel HD 50008 Intel/F2-812 F+4 H2 H1 VGAMiniPCIe+PCIe 8x
B8500L6+2SFPSocket 1150 HaswellB852 DDR3SOIntel HD 50006 intel/F\82574L+2 SFP/F2-812 H2 F1 VGAH1 MiniPCIe+PCIe 1x1 F-Console(RJ45)USB Audio
X55ARM Cortex-A55Rockchip RK3568DDR4OBMali-G52-2EE2 LAN + WiFi/BTM.2 22801 R + 2 H + 1 S1 SHDMI 2.0 + LVDS/eDPGPIO + UART
H110L4C6Intel® Core™Intel® H110/C236 Chipset2 DDR4SOUHD4 LAN2 SATA, mSATA, PCIe x4 NVMe4 F4 RHDMI + VGA + DVI-D + LVDS/eDP6-10 COMHD
J4000L4Intel® CeleronIntel® Gemini Lake (SOC)1 DDR4 Intel® UHD 600 4 Intel® Gigabit 1 VGA1 MiniPCIe
X55L4ARM Cortex-A55 RK3568 2GB/4GB LPDDR4 OnboardMali G522 x 2.5GbE LAN + 2 Gigabit LAN1 HDMISIM+ Type-C+SD reader