Edge for AI PCs - Micro Platform for Edge Computing PC

Edge Computing is a distributed computing model in which it occurs near a physical location where data is collected and analyzed, rather than on a centralized server or in the cloud. This new infrastructure includes sensors to collect data and Edge servers to securely process data in real time in the field, as well as connect other devices such as laptops and smartphones to the network.

Micro Platform for Edge computing is important as it creates new and improved ways for industrial and enterprise-grade enterprises to maximize operational efficiency, improve productivity and security, automate all major business processes, and ensure continuous availability. It is the leading method for achieving the digital transformation of your business.

The concept of Micro Platform for Edge Computing is integral to the next industrial revolution, transforming manufacturing and services.


More Edge AI PC @ Desktop Version 

2600L2N2600NM101 DDR3SOIntel HD 36002 Realtekoption4 R+2 H1 VGA2 MiniPCIe+PCI2xPS/25.1 ALC662
H8100L2/H8100L3Socket 1150 HaswellH812 DDR3Intel HD 50002 Realtek2-814 R+1 H2 R1 HDMI+1 DVI+1 VGA1 MiniPCIe+PCIe 16x1xPS/25.1 ALC662
1750C-6DPSocket 1150 HaswellH812 DDR3Radeon 7750/7870 Nvidia NV8102 Realtek14 R+1 H2 R6 or 8 DPMiniPCIe+PCIe 16x5.1 ALC662
2550L2DD2550NM102 DDR3SOIntel HD 36502 Broadcom24 R+2 H2 R1 HDMI+1 VGAPCIe 1x2xPS/25.1 ALC662
J1900L4J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 4 Intel12 R+2 H1 VGAH1 MiniPCIeGPIO5.1 ALC662
J1900L6J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 6 Intel12 R1 VGAHMiniPCIe+PCIe 8x5.1 ALC662
1U-12DPSocket 1155 Ivy BridgeZ772 DDR32 Radeon 77502 Intel12 R+4 H2 R12 DP+1 VGAMiniPCIeoption
J1900AL2J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 2 Realtek11 R+1 F+2 H1 R1 HDMI+1 VGA+1 LVDS/HMiniPCIe-FTPM+GPIO+1xPS/2/H5.1 ALC662
2550L2D-MxPCD2550NM102 DDR3SOIntel HD 36502 Broadcom24 R+2 H2 R1 HDMI+1 VGAPCIe 1x2xPS/25.1 ALC662
i5-6200FL2i5-6200uSkylake-u2 DDR3SOIntel HD 5202 Realtek2-812 H2 R+2 H1 HDMI+1 DVI2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
Nano-J1900L4J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 4 Intel\WG82573V12 F+2 H1 F1 VGAMiniPCIe-FGPIO5.1 ALC662
H110-G330-6DP6/7th Socket 1151H1102 DDR3SORadeon 77502 Intel14 R1 F6 DP2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i41FN3150Braswell-u2 DDR3SO8th Gen. HD 2 Realtek12 R3 R1 DP+1 HDMI2 MiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
Nano-N3450L2/J3455L2N3350Apollo Lake1 DDR3SOIntel HD 5002 Realtek12 F4 F2 HDMI+1 VGAMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
i42F/i43FN3350Apollo Lake1 DDR3SOIntel HD 5002 Realtek12 R3 R1 HDMI+1 DP2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
3855Z/6100Z3855uSkylake-u Kaby Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel HD 5201 Realtek+1 Intel2-82 R2 F1 DP+1 HDMIMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
H8700L8-1USocket 1150 HaswellH872 DDR3SOIntel HD 50008 Intel/F2-812 F+4 H2 H1 VGAMiniPCIe+PCIe 8x
G302F/G303i5-4200uHaswell-u2 DDR3SONvidia GT730/GT6301 Realtek12 R+1 H1 DP+2 HDMIMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
H110L2C126/7th Socket 1151H1102 DDR4Intel HD 530 Intel HD 6302 Realtek2-812 R+2 H4 R1 DP+1 HDMI+1 VGA2 MiniPCIe+PCIe 16x1xPS/25.1 ALC662
H110L2A/i1000A136/7th Socket 1151H1102 DDR4Intel HD 530 Intel HD 6302 Realtek2-816 H2 R1 HDMI+1 VGAMiniPCIe+PCIe 4xGPIO5.1 ALC662
J1900AEL2J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 2 Realtek\RTL8111F12 R+2 H1 R2 HDMI+1 VGAH+1 LVDS/HMiniPCIe-F+PCIe 1xGPIO5.1 ALC662 7.1 ALC892
C3338L4Atom-C (BGA-1310)Denverton C30002 DDR4 128G/1ChAspeed AST24004x1Gbit Intel LAN1xM.21x2.5" SATA2 R1 HIPMI 2.0 (AST2400)1x4 3.0TPMoption
N4200AEL2N4200Apollo Lake2 DDR3SOIntel HD 5052 Intel\i211AT15 R4 R1 HDMI+2 DP+1 LVDSMiniPCIe+PCIe 1xGPIO+TPM5.1 ALC662
i59Fi5-6200uSkylake-u2 DDR4SOIntel HD 5101 Intel\i219LM+1 Realtek\RTL8111F2-812 R2 R+2 S2 DP+1 VGA2 MiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
i61Fi5-7200uKaby Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel HD 6201 Intel\i219LM+1 Realtek\RTL8111F2-812 R2 R+2 S2 DP+1 VGA2 MiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
J4125 - J5040AEL2J4105Gemini Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6001 Realtek+1 Intel1-4/811 R+4 H2 R1 HDMI+1 DP+1 eDP/H+1 LVDS/HPCIe x2, 2 M.2m, MiniPCIe full sizeGPIO5.1 ALC662
H110L2V6/7th Socket 1151H1102 DDR4Intel HD 530 Intel HD 6302 Realtek\RTL8111H2-812 R+4 H4 R2 DP+1 VGA+1 HDMI/HMiniPCIe+PCIe 16x5.1 ALC662
Nano-J1900L2V3J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 2 Realtek12 F+2 H2 F1 HDMI+1 VGAMiniPCIe-F5.1 ALC662
J1900SFPJ1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO1 DDR3L SO-DIMM7 intel/F\i211-AT+2 SFP/F13 FMiniPCIe(Opt)+PCIe 8xGPIO5.1 ALC662
Nano-N2807L2N2807Bay Trail-u1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 2 Intel/I21111 R+4 H1 R1 HDMI+1 VGA+1 LVDS2 MiniPCIeLPT+1xPS/2/H5.1 ALC662
Nano-J1900L2C2J1900Bay Trail1 DDR3SO7th Gen. HD 2 Realtek13 F+2 H1 F1 HDMI+1 VGA2 MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
H310AEL28/9th Socket 1151H310 Q3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6302 Intel\i2112-814 R+2 H2 R+2 F1HDMI+1DP+1VGA/H+1LVDS/HPCIe 4xTPM5.1 ALC662
POE-7000i5-7300uIntegrated2 DDR4SOIntel HD 6202 Intel\i211+1 Intel\i2191-8/412 R+2 H4 R1 DP4 PoE4 PoE
i63F/i63ui7-8665uWhiskey Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6201 Intel i219LM/S+1 Realtek RTL8111F/R112 R+4 S2 R+4 S1 HDMI+1 HDMI2.0+1 DPMiniPCIeTPM5.1 ALC662
Slim-3865L43865uKaby Lake-u1 DDR4SOIntel HD 6104 Intel2-812 R+2 H2 R+2 H1 HDMIMiniPCIe+PCIe 1x1xPS/2+TPM5.1 HDMI
Nano-7200L2/6100L2i3-6100uSkylake-u Kaby Lake-u1 DDR4SOIntel HD 5202 Realtek112 R+1 H4 F1 HDMI+1 DPMiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
H410A110th Socket 1200H4102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Reltek\RTL8111F124R2R+2F1 DP + HDMILPT/S5.1 ALC662
Q370L3E28/9th Socket 1151 vProQ3702 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6301 Intel\i219V+2 Intel\i210AT1-4/842 R+4 H4 R+1 H2 DP+1 DVI+1 LVDS/H1 PCIe 16x+1 PCIe 4xGPIO+LPT7.1 ALC888
Q470L2G11th/10th Socket 1200Q4702 DDR4SOIntel UHD1 Intel\i219V+1 Intel\i2112-824 H4 R+2 F1 DP+1 HDMI+1 HDMI2.0+1 eDP\LVDS/H+VGA header (co-lay with eDP)1 MiniPCIe+1 PCIe 16xGPIO+TPM5.1 ALC662
Q370-15HDMI8/9th Socket 1151 vProQ3702 DDR4SO2 Radeon 88602 Intel\I211AT1-8/412 R1 F+2 R15 HDMI2.05.1 ALC662
H170L8-1U6/7th Socket 1151H1702 DDR4SOIntel HD 530 Intel HD 6308 Intel/F\WGI211AT2-81option 2 R+4 H2 F+2 H1 HDMI/H+1 HDMI(Option)PCIe 8x1F-Console(RJ45)1F-Console(RJ45)
Nano-U10L2i7-10710UComet Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 4K2 x Intel® i211+i219 12F + 2S2F + 2S1 HDMI+ 1 DP+ 1 Type-C+ 3 USB+ 1 COM+ 2 LAN+ 1 SIM+ 1 SD+ S/PDIF GPIO 5.1 ALC662
Nano-N6400DN6211Elkhart Lake0 DDR4OB10th Gen. UHD 1 Realtek\RTL8111H12 R2 F1 DP+1 HDMIMiniPCIe1FCM119B
B8500L6+2SFPSocket 1150 HaswellB852 DDR3SOIntel HD 50006 intel/F\82574L+2 SFP/F2-812 H2 F1 VGAH1 MiniPCIe+PCIe 1x1 F-Console(RJ45)USB Audio
Nano-U8L2i5-8259uCoffee Lake-u Comet Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 4K2 x Intel® i211+i219 12F + 2S2F + 2S1 HDMI+ 1 DPGPIO5.1 ALC662
Nano-U10FL2C/Nano-U10L2CBGA-1528Comet Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 4K2 x Intel® i211+i219 12F + 2S2F + 2S1 HDMI+ 1 DP+ 1 Type-C+ 3 USB+ 1 COM+ 2 LAN+ 1 SIM+ 1 SD+ S/PDIF 5.1 ALC662
H410AL210th Socket 1200H4102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6302 Realtek\RT8111H12R2R+2F1 HDMI+1DP/VGAOption: LPT/S5.1 ALC662
Nano-U8FL2C6i7-8565UWhiskey Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 620/6102 x Intel® i211A+i219LM 114H4(USB3.1)R1 HDMI+1DP+1LVDS/eDPoptional; x8GPIO, TPM, SPI5.1 ALC662
Nano-U11Bi7-1185G7 Tiger Lake-u 2 DDR4SOIntel UHD LAN + WiFi/BT + 5G/4G-LTE 1 M.2 22802F4(3.1)R2HDMI + DP+Thunderbolt4CJC6811A
Nano-H510A/Q570A11th/10th Socket 1200H510/Q5702 DDR4Intel UHD 7501 Intel\I219LM2-83F1F1 HDMI2.0/F+1 DP/FM.2-2280+M.2-2230TPM5.1 ALC662
Slim-H510B/Q570Bi9-11900TIntel H5102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 750 2 Intel I219LM + 1 M.2 2230 + WiFi/BT12 R + 3 F2 R + 1 F2 HDMI + 1 DC + 2 LanALC662
i63C / i65C10th/8th Gen. u-SeriesComet Lake-u/Whiskey Lake-u SOC2 DDR4SO 10th/8th Gen. UHD Graphics Intel® i219+Realtek® RTL8111H w/ SIM1 4 R+2F1 HDMI 2.0+1 HDMI 1.4+1 DP 1.2MiniPCIe5.1 ALC662
H510MXM11th/10th Socket-SH5102 DDR4SOMXM + UHD 750/6302 LAN + WiFi/BT1 M.2 22804 F2 RHDMI 2.0 + DP 1.2ALC662 (5.1)
Nano-N6000DL2N4500Jasper LakeOnboard 4GB/8GB DDR411th Gen. UHD 2 Gigabit LAN12 R2F1 DP + 1 HDMIMiniPCIeCM119B
SwapPC-U8Ai5-8259uWhiskey Lake-u/Coffee Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel Iris Plus/UHD2 LAN + SIM1 M.2 22802 R4 F + 2 R3 HDMITPM5.1 ALC662
SwapPC-U10S i7-10710uComet Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6202 LAN + SIM1 M.2 22801 F + 2 R3 F + 2 R2 HDMI + 1 DPTPM5.1 ALC662
SwapPC-U8Si5-8259uWhiskey Lake-u/Coffee Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel Iris Plus/UHD2 LAN + SIM1 M.2 22801 F + 2 R3 F + 2 R2 HDMI + 1 DPTPM5.1 ALC662
SwapPC-U10Ai7-10710uComet Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6202 LAN + SIM1 M.2 22802 R4 F + 2 R3 HDMITPM5.1 ALC662
SwapPC-U11Ai7-1185G7Tiger Lake-u2 DDR4SOIntel Iris Xe/UHD2 LAN + SIM1 M.2 22802 R4 F + 2 R3 HDMITPM5.1 ALC662
SwapPC-J5005Pentium J5005Gemini Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 605/6002 LAN1 F + 2 R3 F + 2 R2 HDMI + 1 DPTPM5.1 ALC662
i2312i7-9750HQM370/HM3702 DDR4SOGTX1650LAN + WiFi/BT2 M.2 22802 F + 2 H4 R + 1 HHDMI2.0+HDMI1.4+Type-C+eDP+HDMI2.0 HALC662 (5.1)
SwapPC-H510A10/11th Socket 1200H5102 DDR4SOIntel UHD 7502 LAN1 M.2 22803 F + 2 R1 F + 2 R3 HDMI + 1 DPTPM5.1 ALC662
H670L2Socket-S 12th Gen H670 Chipset2 DDR4, up to 64GBUHD 770/730/7102.5GbE LAN + 1GbE LAN, WiFi 6E2 M.2 2280 NVMe4 R + 1 H2 R + 1 HHDMI 2.1 + DP 1.4PCIe 5.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
i2313i9-10885HComet Lake-u2 DDR4SORTX 2060 + UHD GraphicsLAN + WiFi/BT1 M.2 22802 R4 RHDMI 2.0 + HDMI 1.4 + DP 1.2ALC662 (5.1)
SwapPC-X39ARM Cortex-A53Rockchip 3399 (SOC)2/4GB LPDDR4 Mali T7642/3 LAN + WiFi/BT3 F + 2 R1 F + 2R3HDMI+HDMI-InSIM, TFALC662 (5.1)
Z690L2V4Intel Socket-S LGA1700Z690 Chipset2 DDR5UHD 770/730/7102 LAN + WiFi 6E2 M.2 22802 H6 R + 2 H2 HDMI 2.0 + 2 DPPCIe 5.0 x16ALC897 (7.1)
H610V3Alder Lake H6102 DDR4SOUHD 770/730Realtek® RTL8125B3 R2 R2 HDMI, DPRealtek® ALC897
H610AAlder LakeH6102 DDR4SOIntel® 12th Gen Xe Graphics UHD 770/730/7101 LAN + WiFi/BT 14 R1 HDMI + 1 VGA17.1 ALC897
H610L2Alder LakeH6102 DDR4 U-DIMMUHD 770/7302 LAN M.2-2280/22423 R2 R2 HDMI, DPALC897
Nano-U8MX250i7-10510uComet Lake-u/Whiskey Lake-u Platform (SOC)2 DDR4SOIntel UHD, Nvidia MX2501 Realtek® RTL811112 F2 RM.2-2280+M.2-2230Intel® HD
i2312Bi7-9750HCoffee Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 630 Graphics + Nvidia GTX-1650 4G1 Lan + WiFi/BT + 5G-LTE12 R4 R1 HDMI+1 DP+1 Type-C
Nano-N6000Z11th Gen CeleronJasper Lake 1 DDR4SOIntel UHDLan + WiFi 6/BT 4.212 R2 R + 2 FHDMI + DP + VGAHD
Nano-N6400L2C410th Gen Celeron/PentiumElkhart Platform (SOC)DDR4 SODIMM10th Gen UHD2 2.5GbE LAN + 5G/4GSSD1 R3 RHDMI 2.0 + DP 1.24 COMHD
i12P12th Gen Core-P SeriesAlder Lake-P (SOC)2 DDR4 SODIMMIris Plus2 LAN+WiFi/BT+5G/4GNVMe/SSD2 HDMI 2.0 + DP 1.42 COM7.1 ALC897
H610AL2 12th Gen Socket-S series H610 2 DDR4 SODIMMUHD2 LAN+WiFi/BT+5G/4GNVMe/SSD/2.5"SATA SSD/HD2 R2 F2 HDMI, DP2 COM7.1 ALC897
Nano-N6400CIntel® 10th Gen Celeron/PentiumIntel® Elkhart Lake Platform (SOC)2 LPDDR4UHD1 LAN + WiFi/BT SATA/NVMe5 R2 F 1 RHDMI + DP 1 COM7.1 ALC897
Z790L2 13th Gen Socket-S series Intel® Z7902 DDR5 DIMMUHD 7702 LAN + Wifi6 AX201 802.112241 HDMI+1 DP7.1 ALC897
Nano-U10L2C-i3 i7-10510u Comet Lake-u/Option Whiskey Lake2 DDR4SOIntel UHD 6202 Realtek+ M.21 HDMI+1 DP2 M.2•1 COM + Type-C + SD/MMC Card reader
J4000L4Intel® CeleronIntel® Gemini Lake (SOC)1 DDR4 Intel® UHD 600 4 Intel® Gigabit 1 VGA1 MiniPCIe
Nano-J6412L2C2V3J6412Elkhart LakeDDR410th Gen UHDLAN+WiFi2122DP + HDMI
Nano-N6000L2C2Jasper Lake Celeron N5105DDR4UHD 6001 M.2 2280Mini PCIe 2 R4 FHDMI + VGA + COM
Nano-J6412L2C2J6412Elkhart Platform (SOC)DDR4 SODIMM10th Gen UHD2 2.5GbE LAN + 5G/4GHDMI+VGA2 COM
Nano-N7000L412th Gen Alder Lake-NIntel® Alder Lake-N1 DDR4 Intel® UHD 4 Intel® RJ45 2.5G1 HDMI+1 DP1 SIM, 1 Type-C port
NUC-U11C i7-1185G7Tiger Lake-u2 DDR4 SO-DIMMIntel® Iris® XeRealtek RT8111H2F2R2HDMI+MiniDP+Type-C